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Suranna is demanding.

Ever since Suranna hit 80, she's been after me for a new mount. She keeps complaining that Lanys' controller bought her epic flying, so why can't I spring for a new mount. I try to explain she has a bunch of mounts: 3 Qiraji battle tanks, 4 skeletal horses, a wyvern, and that fantastic flying carpet I made for her. She claims the carpet's not fast enough.

Things got really bad when Lanys showed off her latest mount, the refer a friend one. At that point Suranna wouldn't let me be. “Lanys has a new mount, why can't I have a new one? And not a skeletal warhorse, I have too many!”

I told her I wasn't sure if I was ready for a third account, and I didn't know anyone who would be interested in signing up. She wouldn't be swayed. You think Veruca Salt is a bratty little girl? She has nothing on Sura. Somehow, the undead lose their emotions, and retain their stubborness.

I had a surprise for her though, one I never told her about. I'd ordered her something, but then we left to go on the road, and so she never got it. I didn't tell her, because I didn't want nagged about it for 3 weeks. When we got in last night, I stopped by the Post Office and picked it up. I'd also planned out another surprise for her, but I wasn't going to tell her, as it was spur of the moment.

So, when we got home late last night, I let her log in and check her mail.

She doesn't quite believe it, so she checks it out even before she opens the mail. Can't be too careful with all those keyloggers and gold sellers, you know.

“I thought you said we couldn't have another account.”

I changed my mind. Shouldn't this get you something?

She pulls up her achievements.

Yup, this will be the Stable Keeper achievement.

There's more though.


Yeah, go to Orgrimmar and give the guy in the fishing pond this code. Pick up your new mount on the way.

Now that's collected all her prizes, I let her learn them.

“this is so cool! I need to show Haninki!”

So, she tracks Haninki down in Dalaran, so they can have a Polar Bear Death Match. The murlocs managed to convince them it was a bad idea.

Then Suranna takes her new Zhevra to the Tundra to see how it looks against the snow.

She's so excited about the new mounts, that she forgets to read the packing instructions that came with the Zhevra. Thankfully, I kept it, and made sure the assembly went well. We've tucked the spare parts into the bank, just in case. It's not as easy to find a farrier in Dalaran as you would think.

And, in the end, the new achievements.